Parabatteries are used in computers, robots and vehicles They vary in size from a few hundred cubic centimeters to one cubic meter. The cost to recharge a parabattery is equal to the amount of the SEUs being recharged. Assume that is takes 1 hour for each 500 SEU recharaged. 

Type 1 
Cost: 600 Cr 
Wgt.: 25 kg
500 SEU 

Type 2 Parabattery 
Cost: 1,200 Cr
Wgt.: 50 kg 
1,000 SEU 

Type 3 
Cost: 2,300 Cr
Wgt.: 100 kg 
2,000 SEU 

Type 4 
Cost: 4,500 Cr 
Wgt.: 200 kg 
4,000 SEU