Beam Weapon Ammunition 

Powerclip. The standard 20 SEU powerclip is a sturdy plastic box about the size of a cigarette pack. A powerclip will fit any weapon that can use a powerclip. Players must keep track of how many SEU are in the clip. Powerclips can not be recharged. 

Power Beltpack. A power beltpack is a 20 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm plastic box that attaches to a character's belt. It comes with three different powercords that can be plugged into three distinct outlets in the side of the unit. One port is for weapons, one is for screens and one is for auxiliary equipment such as scanners or radios. Only one weapon and one screen can be plugged into a beltpack at the same time. Beltpacks can be recharged at a cost of 5 credits per 1 SEU recharged. Recharging can be done at any weapons shop, hardware store or fuel station. 

Power Backpack. A power backpack is worn on a harness that slips over the shoulders. Special adapters are available for Dralasites at no additional cost. A backpack has two weapon ports, one screen port and three auxiliary ports. Only two weapons can be connected to the same backpack. Backpacks can be recharged for 5 credits per 1 SEU recharged. It takes two turns to plug in or unplug a powercord from a power backpack.

Ammo Type
Cost (Cr) 
Mass (kg) 
Power Clip 
20 SEU 
Power Beltpack 

50 SEU 
Power Backpack 
100 SEU 

Projectile Ammunition 

Bulletclip. A bulletclip is a plastic, spring-loaded rack of bullets, 5 cm x 2.5 cm x 15 cm. It holds 20 bullets for either an automatic pistol or rifle. Rifle and pistol clips are not interchangeable. 

Needleclip. A needleclip is a drum-shaped canister 10 cm in diameter and 5 cm thick, It holds 10 clusters of needles. Two varieties of needles are available: barbed and anesthetic. Rifle and pistol needleclips are not interchangeable. 

Machine Gun Belt. Machine guns use a disintegrating belt of 200 bullets (nothing is left of the belt after all the bullets are fired except individual shell casings). If someone is working with the firer, ammo belts can be linked together so the gun can keep firing without stopping to be reloaded. 

Recoilless Rifle Shell. A recoilless rifle shell looks like a 15 cm long artillery shell. It is essentially a giant bullet. 

Gyrojet Ammunition 

Jetclip. Jetclips are loaded with 10 miniature rockets. The clip is inserted into the weapon's ammo chamber in front of the trigger. Pistol and rifle jetclips are not interchangeable. 

Grenade Bullet. A grenade bullet looks like a shotgun shell. It is used to launch a grenade from a grenade rifle. It has no effect if fired without a grenade. 

Grenade Shell. A grenade shell looks like a mortar round. It must be loaded into a grenade mortar in order to fire a grenade. 

Rocket. Rockets are 25 cm long cylinders, with no fins. The rocket’s exhaust is vented out the back of the launcher when fired. Anyone standing directly behind the launcher will suffer 5d10 points of damage from the blast. 

Archaic Weapon Ammunition 

Arrows. Arrows can be bought in quivers that contain 20 arrows. Characters with Environmental skill can make crude arrows in an emergency. 

Powder and Shot. One package of powder and shot includes 20 lead bullets and enough black gunpowder to fire them.