Yazirian Disc-Grenades

By [[Bill Logan]]
Star Frontiersman #5-p19

Yazirians have a keen sense of air currents and the weight distribution of gliding and flight. Their air cars must look like aerodynamic works of art – and probably handle like a dream. Their weapon of choice? A disc-shaped dueling blade that they hurl with both grace and precision. It only makes sense that they would take their keen embrace of the air and its usefulness to other technological developments. 

The Yazirian disc-grenade is a smallish discus (15cm in diameter) with a curved outer lip. It’s able to be thrown with a rapid motion flick of the wrist, hurling it forward to ride on the air. It’s made of a lightweight plastic shell with an inner core consisting of gunpowder and fragments of steel and phosphors. It uses the thrower’s Thrown Weapons skill, but can be used to throw around corners and bounce off certain solid surfaces in order to get it to where the thrower desires. In the right hands, it can get around defensive barriers. 
Yazirian Disc Grenade
The grenade inside the core will detonate on impact. Therefore, when bouncing the disc-grenade off solid surfaces, it’s important for the thrower to understand the limits on how hard one can strike a wall with it without it exploding. Experience and practice is best, with training dummy disc-grenades being half the price of a normal one. 

Yazirian disc-grenades can be purchased in any location where normal grenades are sold, as long as it’s a world with a notable Yazirian population. They’re quite common on Gruna Garu and sites decidedly Yazirian. Clan markings are often placed on these devices, left as a calling card in clan politics.

Type of throw Penalty 
Simple, normal throw +0
Impressive throw
(difficult air currents, rain, etc.)
Challenging throw
(throwing around an obstacle or bouncing once off a wall) 
Complext throw
(using air currents to make complex aerial flight path, or bouncing off multiple obstacles)