Heavy Laser

Heavy Laser

Weapon Name Heavy Laser
Skill Used
Beam Weapons (-10 to hit)
1d10 per SEU
Ammunition 20 SEU PowerClip, each shot drains from 5 to 20 SEU, depending on the current power setting. Can be (and usually is) attached to a Power BeltPack or Power BackPack.
Rate of Fire 1 shot per turn
Defense Albedo
Range -/100/500/1km/2km

Cost 6,000 Cr


A heavy laser is about the size of a machine gun. It must be mounted on a tripod or a swivel mount to be fired. It has longer range than a laser rifle, and a minimum SEU setting of 5. Otherwise it operates the same as the laser rifle.

Note: Heavy lasers are heavy weapons. When a character fires a heavy weapon, he must subtract 10 from his chance to hit.