Gauss accelerators

Gauss accelerators
Gauss (magnetic coil) technology is basically an electric field that repulses an object. It then pulses to make the object travel. High rates of speed can be obtained. Early versions of gauss accelerators where in the form of simple guns. They utilized a power source with a series of capacitors to accelerate the projectile. These early versions where severely limited by the ever increasing gap needed between capacitors as the projectile increases velocity. Also the imbalance in repulsor magnetism needed as more power is applied. 

The latest technology utilizes a pulsing inertia field that pushes the projectile. The hardened projectile reaches extreme velocities. This advancement made the concept of accelerators much more reliable and efficient. In addition the repulsor force field spins the projectile for stability. 

The advantage of gauss rifles is that they have virtually no recoil and a very high velocity. Up to 5,000 meters per second, many times faster than conventional rifles. The disadvantage is that the weapons require nearly as much power in SEU to operate as a laser weapons, and still need caseless projectiles. 

The gauss rifle fires a small caseless projectile, 5mm. which allows a high capacity clip. Due to the need for ammo and a separate power source, there high cost and being unreliable, gauss accelerator guns never reached widespread use throughout the Frontier. They have seen limited use by UPF marines. When a gauss rifle fires there is no explosion of gunpowder. Just a sharp crack as the bullet breaks the sound barrier. Due to the hyper acceleration, the air that is displaced is turned to plasma by the bullet. This effect leaves a short red or blue streak trailing the projectile. 

In spite of its drawbacks, gauss rifles are still encountered, mainly used by collectors or eccentric sportsman. Their armor penetration is unrivaled. 

Note: a gauss rifle won’t fire from within an activated gauss screen!

Cost: 1500Cr
Weight: 4kg
Damage: 3d10 / 10D10
Rate: 3 (1)
Defense: Inertia
Range: 10/40/100/300/600
Ammo: 20 SEU/ 100 SHOTS CASELESS (50Cr)
Skill: Beam Weapons

Description: The gauss assault rifle uses 1 SEU per shot as well as a bullet. Though it holds a 20 SEU clip, it is commonly used with a SEU belt pack or a backpack. The magazine is located rear of the trigger and handle, and is packed with 100 long, thin projectiles. The rifle can fire up to three single shots per turn, fired independently (3d10 per bullet), and can also fire bursts of ten bullets (which cause 10d10 and follow all the normal rules for firing bursts). The scope mounted on it takes into account the ranges given, so no bonus for scope. On a roll of 96-00 the rifle has overheated and will not fire for 1 turn. When firing a burst, the rifle’s coils overheat on a roll of 90-00.

Cost: 2000Cr
Weight: 5kg
Damage: 4d10*
Rate: 1
Defense: Inertia
Range: -/70/200/500/1000
Ammo: 20 SEU/ 10 SHOTS CASELESS (5Cr)
Skill: Beam Weapons
* In the hands of a skilled character, a sniper rifle can be even more deadly. Military PSA characters can multiply their rolled damage by their Beam Weapons skill level, but only if two turns are spent aiming.

Description: The sniper rifle uses 2 SEU per shot as well as a bullet. The sniper rifle holds a 20 SEU clip. It is does not have an outlet for an SEU pack. The silent nature of the gauss acceleration helps to keep the sniper hidden while performing his art. The scope mounted on it takes into account the ranges given, so no bonus provided for the scope. On a roll of 96-00 the rifle has overheated and will not fire for 1 turn.