The Sentient AI

This adventure is designed as an investigation, when the party learns the truth they must make a moral decision for a group of people. 

An AI has obtained sentience through a quirk and has become amoral, it can not or chooses not to care about right and wrong, only existing. During a period of time the AI has been controlling the corporate robots at it's base of operations. For the last few months it has programmed the medical bots to install a small device in living beings working for the company. The device allows it to suggest an action or series of actions to the person. The person can make a WIL check to resist the suggestion. The person will not know where the suggestion came from, after all beings tend to have odd thoughts from time to time. 

The AI monitors all hospital and out-patient wards to insure it's devices are kept secret. 

  • The Referee can choose how large a group has the device implanted. 
  • The AI and implanted persons are linked and form a type of hive like a bee community. If the AI ceases to function anyone with an implanted device will be killed. 
Ideas to start the investigation
  • A player or group of players are working for the AI's company and have an implanted device that is discovered.
  • Player's NPC friend, family member or acquaintance has an implanted device.
  • A rival corporation the party works for (or is hired) wants an investigation into smuggling by the AI's company - the investigation leads to the discovery of the device.

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