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    223ModerateChange Avatar Fully Resolved8
    224ModerateSpam content erased and offender deleted. Fully Resolved0
    228MinorSpam delete. Fully Resolved0
    225ModerateSpam, content erased and offender deleted Fully Resolved0
    226MinorSpam delete. Fully Resolved0
    227MajorSpam delete. Fully Resolved0
    229MinorSpam Fully Resolved0
    230MinorSpam Fully Resolved20
    43MajorEditing Repositions Posts Partially Resolved2
    144MinorFeature request - Quick PM - add link in PM Partially Resolved6
    23MinorFeature Request: wider content area on screen Unresolved4
    64MinorSimultaneous Chat for Whole Site and Forums Unresolved7
    102MinorIdea: Project Advertisements Unresolved28
    104MinorPoll Discussions hard to notice Unresolved3
    106MinorLinking threads to documents Unresolved1
    121MinorEasy way to reference comments Unresolved1
    122MinorMoving Documents to New Projects Unresolved4
    126MinorFeature request - loose navigation tabs in Support and Download sections of a project Unresolved3
    128Moderatebutton/tab that lead to the character sheet generation page. Unresolved3
    130MajorQuotes Acting Wierd Unresolved11
    160MinorAdd more detail to "access denied" Unresolved4
    151Minor"Mark All Read" on What's New page sending to Home. Unresolved7
    152MinorTabs Needed in Project Posting Window Unresolved0
    153MinorSavable PM's Unresolved5
    155MinorEnhancement: left nav indicates if 'new' activity in "What's New" or "My Activity" Unresolved11
    156MinorEnhancement: Ability to mark selected threads as 'read' Unresolved5
    158MinorFeature request - stop submitting feature requests and start using the SITE Unresolved2
    159MinorFeature Request: #new to What's New Unresolved2
    164MinorFeature Request: Individual Hideable Documents Unresolved5
    167ModerateDoc Editor and Outline Utility Weight List Mismatch Unresolved1