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    Feature request - stop submitting feature requests and start using the SITE

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    My What's New General tab is bigger than project What's New.
    stop it and start creating stuff. Tongue out

    Foot in mouth Foot in mouth Foot in mouth
    Foot in mouth Foot in mouth Foot in mouth

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    Full Bleed
    November 19, 2007 - 5:12pm
    Hey, the site is still new... best to get the kinks worked out early.

    I'd like to see this site survive and thrive, and an important part of that is making it as user friendly as possible.  The power of the site is also its weakness.  It's going to be a foreign entity to many people (myself included.)  Heck, I have friends that don't even like to use forums, let alone a site as intimidating as this one.  It's my hope that overcoming those quirks will give it a better chance in the long-run and encourage more participation.

    For example, I could make 400 cool top-down spaceship chits and tokens, and the 7 people that have actually joined the Chit project will see them.  I don't think that's entirely reflective of the number of people on the site that might actually appreciate them though.  So, eventually, my questions are going to be more direct about how to adress that.  For now, I've been picking around the edges of the issue.

    However, creating more chits and tokens isn't necessarily the answer.  ;)

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    w00t (not verified)
    November 19, 2007 - 5:22pm

    I understand what your saying...but when will the feature request cease?
    Don't let lack of membership in a project drag you down. the current workflow is to 1.) make stuff and then 2.) post in the general forums saying "Hey I posted cool stuff you should check out...."

    not the best solution but we didn't want to attract everyone to a single project (like the star frontiersman) that might discourage ppl from making their own projects. we wanted equal attention.