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    Linking threads to documents

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    Along with the recent additon of the ability to create a thread from a button in the document, I was wondering if we could artificially add a link to the list of linked threads in the document. So that even though a thread wasn't started from that document, you can add that thread's link to the document's list of related threads. Perhaps if you just made an entry feild requesting the node's number and then it adds the node to the list of related threads.

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    October 5, 2007 - 10:32pm

    well, the way I currently accomplish this reference list is I have a hidden field associated with all forum posts, called "ownership".  It's a numeric field normally equal to 0.  If a topic is created via that "discuss this document" icon/link, it causes the Forum to have an "ownership" equal to the node number of the document page upon which the icon was clicked.

    So it sounds simple that I can provide a manner to provide such "ownership" to any forum topic...  only problem is: what if 10 people find it helpful to have "ownership" for a single topic?

    I have to give this some thought.  Perhaps I can make "ownership" an array rather than a single integer.  Or maybe there is another way I'm not currently considering.
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