#SeverityIssuesort iconStatusComments
    224ModerateSpam content erased and offender deleted. Fully Resolved0
    230MinorSpam Fully Resolved20
    229MinorSpam Fully Resolved0
    67ModerateSlow Page Loads Will not fix5
    214ModerateSlow page loads Unresolved6
    64MinorSimultaneous Chat for Whole Site and Forums Unresolved7
    189ModerateSimplify the Site with the Following... Unresolved5
    188ModerateSimplify the Projects with the following... Unresolved2
    30MajorSignatures can break the layout of the site Fully Resolved1
    2MinorSignature wacky behavior Fully Resolved0
    71MajorSearch has no "submit" button Fully Resolved4
    82MinorSearch feature to show project Fully Resolved2
    145MinorSearch Box in Support Forums Fully Resolved4
    153MinorSavable PM's Unresolved5
    109MinorRTF spell checker Fully Resolved1
    20MinorRTF editor's font isn't like the rest of the site Fully Resolved0
    78MajorRTF editor missing when editing project Fully Resolved1
    198MinorRSS feeds Unresolved2
    98MinorRevision Notes Like Wikis Fully Resolved7
    28MinorReturning to top after commenting on a long forum Fully Resolved0
    27MinorRequest: Links Page? Fully Resolved0
    3MinorRequest Memebership button: interface improvement Fully Resolved0
    86MajorReposition Quick Edit Need More Info7
    73MinorReceive e-mail for unread messages - Daily not working Fully Resolved1
    65MinorReading Private Messages - Next, Previous Fully Resolved7
    120Minorquotes remove URL linking Fully Resolved2
    130MajorQuotes Acting Wierd Unresolved11
    45ModerateQuotes Fully Resolved4
    221MinorQuickTime plugin crashes constantly on this site Unresolved2
    138MinorQuickLinks Manager Needs Buttons Fully Resolved0