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    Simplify the Projects with the following...

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    After thinking about it, I believe there are several ways to simplify the individual projects.

    Besides removing the forums for each projects, as I mentioned, I also recommend:

    1. Remove the "Members" section of each project, as it is redundant to the list on the Front Page of each project.
    2. Make the Front Page of each project the first documents page. You can have the same features, but it should be the parent for the document list.
    3. Remove the downloads section for each project, but have one all-inclusive downloads page for the entire site.

    This will make project navigation easier. The only link you will need inside the project is the Support Issues forum for that project.

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    March 13, 2008 - 10:32am
    Items one and two seem reasonable, however, I disagree with item three.  I think it makes sense to have the downloads associated with and directly accessable from within each project.  For example, we have the Second Sathar War projects, which is essentially for playing out the SSW game from the KH Campaign book.  In our download section, we have things like the Frontier Deployement Map with markers for the current ship positions and other information specific to just this game.  There is no point to put things like that on a general download page as they have little or no relevance outside the project.
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    Corjay (not verified)
    March 13, 2008 - 10:45am
    I should make a correction. Make the Members page only viewable by the manager, as only the manager needs it. The members list on the Front Page is good enough for everyone else. The Announcment feature and the ban/cancel buttons for each member are still needed.