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    Signatures can break the layout of the site

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    The signatures section allows html, so people can put links and images in their signatures. All that is fine. But I need to make sure no <DIV's or <SPAN's or </DIV's or </SCAN's are allowed. Corjay had a signature (it seeemed copied and pasted from another source) that had two </SPAN> tags, improperly closing some fo the <SPAN tags in the html. It caused severe screw ups in the forums.

    I need to make a filter to prevent this type of screwy behavior.


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    August 10, 2007 - 9:17pm

    I found a filter made by someone else on the 'net to fix all unopened or unclosed DIVs and SPANs and such within a string of text.  I apply this filter to all typed material now.  I think it's fixed now... I'm going to close this issue for now unless someone else finds some way they can break the site with a signature.


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