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    #SeverityIssueStatussort iconComments
    172MinorForum Polls Unresolved2
    173MinorProject Creation Notification Problem Unresolved0
    186MinorDocument Editing Members and Document Privacy Option Unresolved0
    187MajorMerge Project Forums Unresolved11
    188ModerateSimplify the Projects with the following... Unresolved2
    189ModerateSimplify the Site with the Following... Unresolved5
    190MinorLink on 'What's New' page should take you to the new content Unresolved17
    193MinorFreature Request: Sortable columns in Private Messages Unresolved0
    196MinorFeature: Add input filter documentation Unresolved0
    198MinorRSS feeds Unresolved2
    200MinorPage reload after post should take you to the new post Unresolved3
    203MinorWhat's New - add # of new comments. Unresolved0
    205MinorFeature: Add "view" and "edit" links to character sheets Unresolved2
    206MinorAdding folders to the download section of projects Unresolved2
    207MinorClean up look of the document hierarchy organization page. Unresolved14
    209Minor"Back to topics" link takes me to the Polls Unresolved0
    210MinorProject Front Page, New Stuff Unresolved1
    211MinorFeature Request: Add Spaceship skills to Character sheet Unresolved5
    213Moderate"Ignore User" and "Current Mood" and "+1 Button" Unresolved11
    214ModerateSlow page loads Unresolved6
    216MinorMenus All Bunched Up Unresolved6
    217MinorProject Start Bar for Lite and List Tabs Unresolved0
    219MajorSPAM-proof the Guestbook Unresolved8
    220MinorDice Roller feature Unresolved1
    221MinorQuickTime plugin crashes constantly on this site Unresolved2
    222ModerateBanners Are Not Rotating Unresolved0
    231MinorClick & Post Issue Unresolved6