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    Document Editing Members and Document Privacy Option

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    Bill, I've noticed that a lot of people like to join projects just to see what's going on and to keep an eye on the progress, while very few others actually want to edit. Also, I encourage ownership of document pages so that a person can feel responsible, while I discourage random editing of an already existing page without permission.

    So I was thinking it would be good to have a third member level of making a person in a project an "Editor", while restricting editing privileges from normal members. So then, you would have Members, Editors, and the Manager.

    Or maybe you can just make it so that a manager can apply specific options to specific members, without having to apply them accross the board.

    To then be able to choose to allow members and/or Editors to make document pages private if they so choose, such as in The House Rules Wiki, where they can keep private Referee's and development notes.