#SeverityIssueStatusCommentssort icon
    78MajorRTF editor missing when editing project Fully Resolved1
    100MinorPoll Missing Comments Fully Resolved1
    106MinorLinking threads to documents Unresolved1
    109MinorRTF spell checker Fully Resolved1
    115MinorNew Issue button should be up top Fully Resolved1
    117Minorwhen previewing a post, content is removed from editor window Fully Resolved1
    121MinorEasy way to reference comments Unresolved1
    141MinorFeature request - add usertag Fully Resolved1
    150MinorQuickLinks Button Change Fully Resolved1
    167ModerateDoc Editor and Outline Utility Weight List Mismatch Unresolved1
    210MinorProject Front Page, New Stuff Unresolved1
    220MinorDice Roller feature Unresolved1
    1MinorConsistency on the use of "Reply" or "Comment" Fully Resolved0
    2MinorSignature wacky behavior Fully Resolved0
    5Minor"Select All" for inboxes Fully Resolved0
    3MinorRequest Memebership button: interface improvement Fully Resolved0
    4MinorAutomated Messages from "Anonymous" Fully Resolved0
    6ModerateAnnouncements count against your message quota Fully Resolved0
    7MinorAutocompleting "To" box for Messages Fully Resolved0
    8MinorConsistency on emails from site Fully Resolved0
    9MinorSpellcheck in the RTF editor Fully Resolved0
    10MinorPrivate Messaging: make window larger for message body Fully Resolved0
    11ModerateProblem when viewing guestbooks while not logged in Fully Resolved0
    12MinorProject Document Visibility selection Fully Resolved0
    13ModerateProject Managers have no control over their forums Fully Resolved0
    14MinorUser Registration screen/login improvements Fully Resolved0
    15MinorFurther Interface Improvements for "Request Membership" Fully Resolved0
    16MinorFeature Request: Online Status Indicator Fully Resolved0
    17ModerateDesign Docs: delete, Move, etc. Fully Resolved0
    18ModerateLogin Security Fully Resolved0