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    It seems like it's easy enough to make a downloads page on your front page (by making hyperlinks to files) or even on a document page, but it would be really nice if we could have a "Downloads" page local to our projects. The downloads page would only show those downloads we've uploaded to our own project. Normal security options could apply: anyone can upload downloadables, only project members, only project managers. Then have security options for downloading them too: anyone can download, only project members, only the project manager (though that last one wouldn't make too much sense).

    Being able to comment on the download would be good. Or even rate the download like we can rate a project.


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    August 11, 2007 - 1:59pm

    Okay - I think I've got this one covered.  The downloads page looks like a gallery, complete with thumbnails.  If desired, project managers/members could create galleries of images as well, like an art gallery.

    Wow... people are going to have a lot of options on how to do stuff with this site. 

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