#sort iconSeverityIssueStatusComments
    57MinorQuicklinks Manager Fully Resolved6
    56MinorPreview Button Fully Resolved1
    55MinorProject Navmenu Improvement Request Fully Resolved4
    54MinorIgnore Feature Will not fix2
    53MinorBan Feature for Projects Fully Resolved8
    52MinorProjects Front Page Link Fully Resolved2
    51MinorMass Document Rename Fully Resolved3
    50MinorForum issue: we need a "mark all as read" function. Fully Resolved10
    49ModerateEdit Project Name? Fully Resolved3
    48MinorDynamic page reloads Fully Resolved1
    47MinorA Better Way to Rename or Organize Documents Fully Resolved2
    46MinorStatus of a Support Issue Fully Resolved0
    45ModerateQuotes Fully Resolved4
    44ModerateFatal Error during updates Fully Resolved1
    43MajorEditing Repositions Posts Partially Resolved2
    42MinorProject Document and Forum Post Notifications Fully Resolved5
    41MajorEDITING??? Fully Resolved6
    40MinorForwarding Page after Posting Will not fix2
    39ModerateADD NEW button for downloads page not working Fully Resolved1
    38MinorNew Messages indicator Fully Resolved5
    37ModerateComments on Documents May Not Work Out Fully Resolved2
    36ModerateDocument Section Downloads Fully Resolved5
    35MinorDownloadables: progress bars? Will not fix1
    34ModerateNumbered Lists Fully Resolved4
    33ModerateInterface Improvement: back to top of page Fully Resolved5
    32ModerateUpload issue with the RTF editor Fully Resolved5
    31MinorDownloads Page Fully Resolved1
    30MajorSignatures can break the layout of the site Fully Resolved1
    29MinorInterface annoyances: pager location, disabling RTF editor Duplicate1
    28MinorReturning to top after commenting on a long forum Fully Resolved0