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    65MinorReading Private Messages - Next, Previous Fully Resolved7
    86MajorReposition Quick Edit Need More Info7
    98MinorRevision Notes Like Wikis Fully Resolved7
    113MinorMember listed twice in project front page Fully Resolved7
    143MinorFeature request - add link in PM's for project announcements Fully Resolved7
    151Minor"Mark All Read" on What's New page sending to Home. Unresolved7
    215MinorThe Search Feature Isn't Working Fully Resolved7
    41MajorEDITING??? Fully Resolved6
    57MinorQuicklinks Manager Fully Resolved6
    76MinorIssue queue for each project Fully Resolved6
    92MinorCut Choose Member and Add Auto-Announce New Project Fully Resolved6
    134MinorSticky/Unsticky Options Fully Resolved6
    144MinorFeature request - Quick PM - add link in PM Partially Resolved6
    214ModerateSlow page loads Unresolved6
    216MinorMenus All Bunched Up Unresolved6
    231MinorClick & Post Issue Unresolved6
    32ModerateUpload issue with the RTF editor Fully Resolved5
    33ModerateInterface Improvement: back to top of page Fully Resolved5
    36ModerateDocument Section Downloads Fully Resolved5
    38MinorNew Messages indicator Fully Resolved5
    42MinorProject Document and Forum Post Notifications Fully Resolved5
    60MinorSuggestion: Quick Reply Fully Resolved5
    67ModerateSlow Page Loads Will not fix5
    68MinorDocument Page Name Dingbats Fully Resolved5
    81Majorbanned user able to post comment Fully Resolved5
    88MinortinyMCE additional buttons Need More Info5
    95MinorQuick Comment box added to Issue Fully Resolved5
    96MinorProject Page and Section Transfers Fully Resolved5
    116MinorCan't join unmanaged project Fully Resolved5
    125MinorDocuments - when editing a document, remove the nav block Will not fix5