#SeverityIssuesort iconStatusComments
    57MinorQuicklinks Manager Fully Resolved6
    150MinorQuickLinks Button Change Fully Resolved1
    95MinorQuick Comment box added to Issue Fully Resolved5
    197MinorQuestion: submit for on Guestbook entry Will not fix18
    52MinorProjects Front Page Link Fully Resolved2
    217MinorProject Start Bar for Lite and List Tabs Unresolved0
    96MinorProject Page and Section Transfers Fully Resolved5
    55MinorProject Navmenu Improvement Request Fully Resolved4
    123MinorProject Managers: Sticky Forum Topics Fully Resolved3
    13ModerateProject Managers have no control over their forums Fully Resolved0
    210MinorProject Front Page, New Stuff Unresolved1
    12MinorProject Document Visibility selection Fully Resolved0
    42MinorProject Document and Forum Post Notifications Fully Resolved5
    173MinorProject Creation Notification Problem Unresolved0
    93Moderateproject - uploading file with same name does not update front page Fully Resolved4
    212MinorProfile links stacked Fully Resolved4
    11ModerateProblem when viewing guestbooks while not logged in Fully Resolved0
    199MinorProblem uploading .png image. Fully Resolved9
    10MinorPrivate Messaging: make window larger for message body Fully Resolved0
    24MajorPrivate Message broken? Fully Resolved1
    56MinorPreview Button Fully Resolved1
    118ModeratePost Forwarding Fully Resolved4
    100MinorPoll Missing Comments Fully Resolved1
    104MinorPoll Discussions hard to notice Unresolved3
    75MinorPM multiple select Will not fix2
    107MajorPM Inbox Full Message Fully Resolved4
    112MinorPlease Move Project Membership Button Fully Resolved11
    200MinorPage reload after post should take you to the new post Unresolved3
    34ModerateNumbered Lists Fully Resolved4
    140MinorNumber of Downloads Fully Resolved3