Status: fully resolved

    Private Message broken?

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    New users get an error the first time they try to send a PM to me. I don't yet know if this problem is specific to my account or certain browsers or just it being the first time they try to send a message.

    FIXED: Even though I couldn't reproduce this error myself - I found in the adminstrative logs an entry for each time this has happened, which helped lead me to the problem. The PrivateMsg module I'm using (and have modified all to hell) had an undocumented reliance on another open source module that I'm not using. I coded a work-around for it and I *think* it's fixed.

    Smoot - you able to send me a message now?


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    August 13, 2007 - 5:50am
    I'm closing this issue.  The fixes I put in seem functional under all testing.
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