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Description: The D20 Roundtable is about sharing files and ideas for converting and using other rules sets with the Star Frontiers universe.

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This project is open to anyone uploading and sharing their conversion work and for discussion concerning the conversion and use of the various rule systems in the Star Frontiers universe in particular but also in science fiction gaming in general. Gama World and other post apocalyptic systems and setting are welcome here to. The emphasis is on the converting rule systems.

NOTE: It occurs to me that perhaps a better name might be "Conversion Roundtable" and systems that are not explicitly D20 could be discussed as well.

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June 19, 2013 - 11:42am
Excellent idea. Perhaps offering a universe with an established history will attract players from other game systems. Being able to offer modules is a big attraction for Wizards of the Coast. I like GURPS but they don't offer modules, just setting supplements. I like the Star Fleet Battles and Battletech combat with shields but the roleplay is lacking. Star Frontiers has plenty to offer for other systems to cannibalize. This idea offers a way to reawaken interests in a game that is obviously not ready to be lost in storage boxes in the back of some nerd's closet.
Signed, one of those nerds.