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Description: Project to examine and discuss issues surrounding yazirian inter-species conflict within the Frontier.

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In the short description I wrote a very broad scope for the project. This was intentional, all discussions of yazirian inter-species conflict are welcomed here. The contention that the material produced in this project will be non canon or alternate setting is valid, though I don't think that it will do too much violence to the canned setting or the spirit of the game. Ultimate goal should be material for referees or a submission to the fanzine.

Major themes to explore:
Nature and origin of the Family of One and its relationship to yazirians everywhere.

Reaction of the UPF and Space Fleet to various levels of in fighting amoung yazirians. The point being, if you dont want these groups getting involve how to you set up the conflict so that they wont or if you do want them to get involved then how do you set up the conflict so that they will. Either way its an issue to discuss.