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Description: RE the Lawarence Schick interview from Sci Con here:

I have been thinking for months that it might be fun/interesting to "recover" the Alien Worlds rules, as close as possible, to what Schick and Cook submitted to TSR before it became Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn.

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1. This project should be a collaborative effort.

2. It should use the exisiting comments of Schick and Cook as a guide see interviews in Frontier Explorer #2 and Star Frontiersman #18

3. focus should be a simple fast play old school style of rules that encourages role playing.

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November 12, 2012 - 9:25am
I think we should also be clear that without active support of the original game designers we will never be able to produce a historic document that is in essence what Cook and Schick submitted to TSR. Rather what we can produce is probably best called a retro clone of the original Zero edition AW. Which will account for deviations and additions we make. That said i really do desire to get the system as close as possible and sent out a round of emails about a month ago to open up dialog with the game designers but that has not born fruit yet.
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