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Description: There is a bounty on death can you collect?

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The war with the sathar has been over for a while now. During the reconstruction of Pale jobs were plentiful and work was easy to come by. However, the tide has turned and unemployment is on the rise. The bread lines are filling up with war veterans and construction workers. You could go on the dole as well but what you really crave is some excitement. You’re young and ready to face life. You can hear the distant siren call of adventure. 

Was it while traveling the monorail or using a public restroom that you saw the ad? You’re not sure but somehow you found your way to this interview. You’re sitting here with a grizzled old bounty hunter, Carlos Kildare. Something tells you this guy is what they call a character. Yet that doesn’t matter because he’s got work for you and a few others. He needs a crew to man his tracked Snow Panther, just one driver and a few hands to hold pikes and guns. The quarry is quick deaths, the sathar attack monster let loose on Pale during the war and the bounty is 1000 credit per head.  

You know that the ranks of bounty hunters have thinned as the sathar and their attack creatures have been thinned out. Yet Kildare has a plan to strike deeper into the outback than most bounty hunters travel. You might even get to see one of the frozen battle fields from the war with derelict hulks of tanks abandoned where they were destroyed. 

He’s wearing clothing that looks like it was formally a militia uniform so he must have fought in the war. He seems to know what he’s talking about; strategies for taking down the quick death and stories of killing sathar. 

You’ve heard in the past that this sort of work pays very poor daily wages. What really catches your attention is Kildare’s offer to share the bounty. He’ll take a double share and everyone who signs on will get a straight share. This offer must mean that Kildare was short of money or he was trying to avoid paying the crew for the long journey to the new hunting grounds. Either way it doesn’t matter, you know what you’re going to do. You were too young to fight in the war but here’s a chance to participate in it once removed and the pay could be good, real good.