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Description: The OGL made D&D the 900 lb gorilla in the RPG room. Traveller now has a slue of creators making content for Ceaphus Engine under the OGL. Star Frontiers needs an open license or creative commons license that allows anyone to create for our favorite rule system. No restrictions, no BS just write, create, and publish. 

This is a call to all starship captains to save the Frontier.  

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I'll be adding the rules I've worked on in the coming weeks.

1.) rules light like AD & KHs and ultimately documents that are similar in size to them. 
2.) compatibility to Star Frontiers and or easy conversion to SF and Frontier Space. 
3.) similar spirit to Star Frontiers- tech slightly beyond the present day very similar what we had in Star Frontiers with some updates
4.) a free pdf rule set with a pay what you want option and POD option, any tips in the tip cup for the rule set goes to the magazine 
5.) rules put under a license like the proposed ORC or a Creative commons. Ceaphus is under the OGL right now and that may be problematic.