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Description: A Great Day to Game is a project to collect game reports and stories from the past to the present about great times playing Star Frontiers. Think of it as an oral history project. Saving and preserving the story of the game from being lost.

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I was inspireed to start this project when I went back to read the story of a game I had read about on the net and could not find it. The site had been lost. I ran down the author's email adress and fired off a letter and got no response.

I was rather saddened at this as the story was a good one and I felt that something should be done to preserve our oral or internet history.

Use the documents section to post stories or short game reports from a great day gaming Star Frontiers (particularly from "back in the day") and use the down loads section to upload long game reports. Forums in this project are of course for chatting and discussion.

Tell your story dont let it be lost.

BTW I did manage to locate the lost story through the Way Back machine website while searching for lost SF content. Look for "Bad Guys" in the documents by Albin Johnson.