Mission Three: the Sting

Following the capture of the SS Packhound and her hidden load of Ixiol, the Marines decide to find out who the buyer of this shipment is. The survivng crew members offered nothing, choosing to recieve their full sentences rather than snitching. Not a problem, surely someone on Clarion Station is expecting a load of skimmers with a small package under the passenger seat of each vehicle.

Fortunately, someone was expecting the load. Royal Guards onthe station were able to pick up the suspected buyer in short order, before the Falcon was able to make berth. You were all hoping to become a part of this investigation, but all hopes of a deep cover operation are not out the airlock. The Clarion Royal Marines have a second mission waiting for just such an eager group.

While the Royal Marines are entrusted with protecting all of Clarion's citizens, members of the Clarion Liberation Party have historically shown more aggression toward the government than outside forces. The current monarchy allows for their existence, however they do not tolerate criminal acts against Clarion rule from anyone, regardless of political party. The recent deiscovery of Streel provided weaponry aboard the SS Dark Shadow indicates that the buyer was a member of the Liberation Party. The identity of this buyer was not discovered as the Dark Shadow crew did not know themselves (they claim neither side knew of each other, and that they had a different contact each time they visited), however in an effort to plea leniency in their court case they did manage to divulge the password that was to be used to establish the meeting.

Since news of the Dark Shadow capture (enacted by the sister ship CMS Osprey) had not been released to the general public yet, the Clarion Royal Marines have decided to run a sting operation to locate the arms suppier who is expecting that shipment. Once this weapon traffiker is discovered, the rest of the network shouldn't be too dificult to locate. To this end, the Royal Marines have enlisted the assistance of a civilian craft that is approaching Clarion Station. The Falcon's boarding party will be rushed immediately to join them, posing as the gun runners once the ship makes berth. The Royal Marines will supply several of the recovered robots along with their concealed cargo of handguns (with the firing mechanisms removed). They will also supply a portable computer that lists all the phony robot information recovered from the Dark Shadow, and inside a secret compartment of said computer will be a functional laser pistol with a powerpack drained to 2 charges that is to be used as a "test model" for the suspected buyer. An audio recording device is also concealed within the computer, which will be used to gather further evidence against this arms buyer.

The boarding party is now acting as crew members aboard the SS Laconian Duster, a small Class:V freighter. You have been issued civilian skeinsuits and stunguns that can be concealed, along with a stunstick that can either be concealed or worn visibly. You have a spare powerpack in addition to the ones loaded in each weapon. Once docked, you are to proceed to the commercial decks and visit all the popular hangouts with the portable computer. The password you are to use for engaging in conversation is "Tachton Industry robots are spacedust compared to the line-up of maintenance bots I have to offer." The buyer's password is "You must be pulling my arms." Royal Marines figure the buyer to be a dralasite in order for that pun to work.

Once you acquire the target, he is to be lured back to the Laconian Duster in order to complete the transaction (where several of the mock robots will be stored alongside scores of standard 'bots in the Duster's hold). Once the transaction is completed, you are to signal the Marines with your chronocom and they will converge onthe Duster to capture the buyer(s). The Duster's hold will be in a vaccuum, so all persons will be required to don spacesuits when inside.

Players may begin their search int he Spacer's Bar & Grill aboard Clarion Station, or start going door to door in the commercial shops section.

(players will use the "commercial deck" space station map along with the small freighter deckplans from Warriors of White Light)