Desert Island Planet


The characters are aboard a cruise ship heading to a planet where they are supposedly going to be starting an excavation of old ruins left behind by the Eorna. But, before they are able to get to their destination the sub-space drive cuts out in the middle of a desert planet's orbit. Some how the navigation computer had been tricked that the planet was their destination. But, before the crew can react the ship slams into the desert planet below.

Character Guidelines:
You can pick any class you wish. Since the expedition was funded by PanGal you will have plenty of equipment and protection. There are a few mercs (private security advisors) to help keep the group protected from unknown threats. Meanwhile there are a handful of technitians and plenty of scientists. Also pick your skills. You have 800 credits to buy gear of your choice (Look at Alpha Dawn Remastered rule book). You will also have 10 XP to spend which will give you enough to buy skills and boost up low abilities scores.