How to use the Gameroom

Welcome to the GameRoom
Starting a new game
Using Chat

Welcome to the GameRoom.
Here you can start an online game using Chat or a Play-by-Post game using the forums and documents in Online Star Frontiers Games. If you don't have Player's simply jump into the Game Talk forum and make an announcement.

Starting a new game.
Go to Online Star Frontiers Games, click on Documents and make a new document.
Here you type up the campaign, NPC's and other stats about your game.

Now, let's go to the Game Room and click on Start New Game.

Give your game a name, assign the Referee (which is probably you) and type in the number of Players you want in the game.

Fill out the Description about your game and include a link back to the Document you created in step one.

Fill out the Character Guidelines sections.

If you know who will be playing simple fill out their player name and their character name (hopefully your Players have used the Online Character Sheets)

Your done! Have fun!

Using Chat

Chat Commands
/me text
Will display your name along with the typed text.
Slade walks to Tichat-ka side drawing his laser pistol
Chat Help
In the main pane where you can see who is talking, click on a Player to pop their name in your
typing area.