Game Synopsis

Characters have enlisted into the Clarion Royal Marines, the local space militia centered in the White Light system. Once they completed basic training and were found eleigible to serve, they were immediately assigned as midshipmaen serving as the boarding party to the CMS Falcon, one of three assault scouts serving the Clarion Royal Marines. Other craft include their flagship, a frigate, along with several other support craft such as an escort frgate and several courier vessels. All CMS (Clarion Marine Ship) vessels are stationed at Clarion Station. Complimenting them is the 20th Star Fighter Corps tactical fighter group, an assemblage of 18 fighter craft (three 6-unit squadrons) that operate under both UPF and Clarion charters. These fighters are stationed at Fortress Redoubt.

Anyone requiring a full background of the Clarion Royal Marines should read through the first few pages of the SF/KH:0 module "Warriors of White Light", as wel as the system brief on p.8. THis can also be found online at (you can read the whole thing if you like, nothing in the play portion will be portrayed nor affect this game).