Part Two - Station Duty

Wheeling majestically through space, hundreds of kilometers above the planet's surface, is Clarion Station, home to the militia ships of the Royal Marines. A starship arrives at Clarion Station about once every 100 to 200 minutes. Shuttles leave for the planet even more frequently. This heavy traffic brings thousands of characters of all four races through the station, so huge crowds can be seen mingling about on the business deck at all hours. A typical day sees hundreds of beings going about their business with frantic haste during all hours.

All of the major corporations in the Frontier have offices at Clarion Station. Agents for these companies can be encountered throughout the business deck. Independent freighter owners and pilots are also common, searching for cargos or buyers. As such, some semblence of security and order is required and does not fall under the immediate jurisdiction of Star Law. To this end, the Royal Marines are partially in charge of station security. Although the characters directly responsible for this police work are in a separate branch of the service (the Royal Guard), all Royal Marines in the area can be called in to help when trouble breaks out. Many of the Royal Marines' leisure hours will be spent on the business deck of Clarion Station. If the need arises, they can be called into action for any station emergency situations as they arise.