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    142MinorErrors at top of front page. Fully Resolved5
    146MinorFeature request - Print location when in General Forums Fully Resolved5
    147MinorFeature Request: Make "What's New" more prominent and graphical. Fully Resolved5
    153MinorSavable PM's Unresolved5
    156MinorEnhancement: Ability to mark selected threads as 'read' Unresolved5
    157MinorBuddy List Button Change Fully Resolved5
    164MinorFeature Request: Individual Hideable Documents Unresolved5
    189ModerateSimplify the Site with the Following... Unresolved5
    211MinorFeature Request: Add Spaceship skills to Character sheet Unresolved5
    23MinorFeature Request: wider content area on screen Unresolved4
    34ModerateNumbered Lists Fully Resolved4
    45ModerateQuotes Fully Resolved4
    55MinorProject Navmenu Improvement Request Fully Resolved4
    59ModerateSuggestion: Report! button Fully Resolved4
    62ModerateLinks Page - Banner Resize Fully Resolved4
    71MajorSearch has no "submit" button Fully Resolved4
    89MinorSuppress Links in Printer-friendly Version Fully Resolved4
    93Moderateproject - uploading file with same name does not update front page Fully Resolved4
    107MajorPM Inbox Full Message Fully Resolved4
    118ModeratePost Forwarding Fully Resolved4
    122MinorMoving Documents to New Projects Unresolved4
    129MinorImprove Signatures Fully Resolved4
    132MinorMake Feedback Page Completely Public Fully Resolved4
    135MinorSticky Icon? Fully Resolved4
    136MinorThread Locking Fully Resolved4
    145MinorSearch Box in Support Forums Fully Resolved4
    160MinorAdd more detail to "access denied" Unresolved4
    194MinorLinks within posts should open new explorer windows Fully Resolved4
    212MinorProfile links stacked Fully Resolved4
    49ModerateEdit Project Name? Fully Resolved3