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    109MinorRTF spell checker Fully Resolved1
    115MinorNew Issue button should be up top Fully Resolved1
    117Minorwhen previewing a post, content is removed from editor window Fully Resolved1
    121MinorEasy way to reference comments Unresolved1
    141MinorFeature request - add usertag Fully Resolved1
    150MinorQuickLinks Button Change Fully Resolved1
    167ModerateDoc Editor and Outline Utility Weight List Mismatch Unresolved1
    210MinorProject Front Page, New Stuff Unresolved1
    220MinorDice Roller feature Unresolved1
    37ModerateComments on Documents May Not Work Out Fully Resolved2
    40MinorForwarding Page after Posting Will not fix2
    43MajorEditing Repositions Posts Partially Resolved2
    47MinorA Better Way to Rename or Organize Documents Fully Resolved2
    52MinorProjects Front Page Link Fully Resolved2
    54MinorIgnore Feature Will not fix2
    58MinorSuggestion: New Projects in What's New Fully Resolved2
    63MinorClarification of Messages Sent From Profiles Fully Resolved2
    66MajorLag Time and Script Error in Outline Utility Fully Resolved2
    72MinorIE 6 shows green for all users Fully Resolved2
    75MinorPM multiple select Will not fix2
    77MinorHighlight current page in book Fully Resolved2
    82MinorSearch feature to show project Fully Resolved2
    85MajorDelete Redirect Fully Resolved2
    87MinorAdding to Documents when a member of a project Fully Resolved2
    99ModerateTurned Off PM Still Receiving Announcements, But Can't Access Them Fully Resolved2
    101MinorGray Lines Above Tables Are Back Fully Resolved2
    103MinorCompressed Paragraph Marks Fully Resolved2
    120Minorquotes remove URL linking Fully Resolved2
    158MinorFeature request - stop submitting feature requests and start using the SITE Unresolved2
    159MinorFeature Request: #new to What's New Unresolved2