#SeverityIssuesort iconStatusComments
    72MinorIE 6 shows green for all users Fully Resolved2
    102MinorIdea: Project Advertisements Unresolved28
    83MinorIcons don't match up Will not fix3
    77MinorHighlight current page in book Fully Resolved2
    218MajorGuestbook "Report!" Button Fully Resolved0
    101MinorGray Lines Above Tables Are Back Fully Resolved2
    15MinorFurther Interface Improvements for "Request Membership" Fully Resolved0
    193MinorFreature Request: Sortable columns in Private Messages Unresolved0
    40MinorForwarding Page after Posting Will not fix2
    172MinorForum Polls Unresolved2
    50MinorForum issue: we need a "mark all as read" function. Fully Resolved10
    196MinorFeature: Add input filter documentation Unresolved0
    205MinorFeature: Add "view" and "edit" links to character sheets Unresolved2
    23MinorFeature Request: wider content area on screen Unresolved4
    16MinorFeature Request: Online Status Indicator Fully Resolved0
    22MinorFeature Request: Multiple Quotes? Will not fix1
    164MinorFeature Request: Individual Hideable Documents Unresolved5
    159MinorFeature Request: #new to What's New Unresolved2
    147MinorFeature Request: Make "What's New" more prominent and graphical. Fully Resolved5
    211MinorFeature Request: Add Spaceship skills to Character sheet Unresolved5
    158MinorFeature request - stop submitting feature requests and start using the SITE Unresolved2
    144MinorFeature request - Quick PM - add link in PM Partially Resolved6
    146MinorFeature request - Print location when in General Forums Fully Resolved5
    126MinorFeature request - loose navigation tabs in Support and Download sections of a project Unresolved3
    141MinorFeature request - add usertag Fully Resolved1
    143MinorFeature request - add link in PM's for project announcements Fully Resolved7
    163MinorFeature Req: Character generator special edit mode.... Duplicate0
    44ModerateFatal Error during updates Fully Resolved1
    90MinorFamily +/- Causing Script Errors Again Will not fix3
    142MinorErrors at top of front page. Fully Resolved5