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    82MinorSearch feature to show project Fully Resolved2
    85MajorDelete Redirect Fully Resolved2
    87MinorAdding to Documents when a member of a project Fully Resolved2
    99ModerateTurned Off PM Still Receiving Announcements, But Can't Access Them Fully Resolved2
    101MinorGray Lines Above Tables Are Back Fully Resolved2
    103MinorCompressed Paragraph Marks Fully Resolved2
    120Minorquotes remove URL linking Fully Resolved2
    158MinorFeature request - stop submitting feature requests and start using the SITE Unresolved2
    159MinorFeature Request: #new to What's New Unresolved2
    172MinorForum Polls Unresolved2
    188ModerateSimplify the Projects with the following... Unresolved2
    192ModerateNew Games Notification Will not fix2
    198MinorRSS feeds Unresolved2
    201ModerateUploading images Fully Resolved2
    202Minorwarning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: Read error! Fully Resolved2
    205MinorFeature: Add "view" and "edit" links to character sheets Unresolved2
    206MinorAdding folders to the download section of projects Unresolved2
    221MinorQuickTime plugin crashes constantly on this site Unresolved2
    22MinorFeature Request: Multiple Quotes? Will not fix1
    24MajorPrivate Message broken? Fully Resolved1
    29MinorInterface annoyances: pager location, disabling RTF editor Duplicate1
    30MajorSignatures can break the layout of the site Fully Resolved1
    31MinorDownloads Page Fully Resolved1
    35MinorDownloadables: progress bars? Will not fix1
    39ModerateADD NEW button for downloads page not working Fully Resolved1
    44ModerateFatal Error during updates Fully Resolved1
    48MinorDynamic page reloads Fully Resolved1
    56MinorPreview Button Fully Resolved1
    61MinorSuggestion: Multiquote Duplicate1
    73MinorReceive e-mail for unread messages - Daily not working Fully Resolved1