Part 05: Dreadnought Construction

Currently the only two shipyards capable of producing dreadnought sized vessels are the orbital Class:I Spaceship Construction Centers in Triad (Cassidine) and Gran Quivera (Prenglar). Even so, these two centers would be hard pressed to accomodate the construction of something larger than a battleship without some serious expansion work on the centers themselves. 

To this end, War Tech has pledged to begin construction of a third Class:I center in Hargut (Gruna Garu). While the Triad and Gran Quivera centers will be capable of expanding and building long before the Hargut center is up and running, the third center was chosen from past Sathar entry point history: to date they have yet to enter the Frontier from the Yazirian worlds. Add to that with WarTech holding a majority of warship contracts, they'll be able to produce them at a lesser cost locally. Which only means the UPF fleets can begin enjoying larger numbers of fighters, assault scouts, frigates, and destroyers in short order.