Kri'kkaa-class shuttle

Kri'kkaa-class Heavy Shuttle

2 HP: 10 Drives: 1 Chemical A
1 MR: 1 DCR: 26 Crew: 1 (up to 10 passengers)
Videocom radio (1 screen), holo-display and holo keyboard, shuttle astrogation.
5 portholes (2 bridge, 2 passenger, 1 airlock); 1 airlock, rear cargo doors.
LVL: ?, FP: ?, SP:100; software: Standard shuttle package I
Cargo Capacity:
2 units (approx. 27 cu. m)
Crew Accommodations: Gel contour seat
Passenger Accomodations: 10 stow-able seats
Ship's Vehicles: Standard Explorer or other (10 cu. m space) or use for extra cargo.
Base Price: 185,409 (includes 1 load fuel (500 Cr. Does not include spacesuits or toolkits).

A very common shuttle of Vrusk design, this oblong ovoid shows its insectoid heritage by sporting two ovoid cockpit portholes, a finely-polished iridescent green hull, and 6 landing struts that unfold from the hull. Upon entering an atmosphere, stowed memory-metal wings and rudder unfold from the hull, while an atmosphere-breathing scramjet assists the chemical drives with landing.

Numerous Kri'kkaa shuttles are found in used lots, and mercs and freelancers find they make a fine compliment to their starships ... after some repainting of course. Oddly, the shuttle seems well suited to both albedo and plasma screens - but this requires and additional powerplant that consumes a good portion of the cargo space. Often a turret-mounted laser piston is found on customized models, which can look even more insectoid when painted in camoflage colors.

Thanks to a large clamshell cargo hatch at the read, the shuttle is often used to carry heavy vehicles for ground exploration or combat.

Design created using Knight Hawks and "Frontiers of Design" (Dragon Magazine April 1988) from which I fitted out the suggested available space.