Dreadnought \dred' not\ n. 1. A British battleship, completed in 1906 -- 1907, having an armament consisting of ten 12-inch guns, and of twenty-four 12-pound quick-fire guns for protection against torpedo boats. This was the first battleship of the type characterized by a main armament of big guns all of the same caliber. She has a displacement of 17,900 tons at load draft, and a speed of 21 knots per hour.

Dreadnoughts are known for being large and having big guns...
(submitted by Shadow Shack)

A sub-project that will deal with ships larger than HS:20. Facets will include the following:

> Who owns them
> Why have them
> What makes them special
> Why are they needed in the UPF/Frontier
> Construction
> Where they can be built
> Cost
> Hull Specifications
> Skills