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    #SeverityIssuesort iconStatusComments
    208ModerateChanging user name Fully Resolved17
    223ModerateChange Avatar Fully Resolved8
    74Minorcan't use "/" in new project titles Fully Resolved3
    116MinorCan't join unmanaged project Fully Resolved5
    128Moderatebutton/tab that lead to the character sheet generation page. Unresolved3
    157MinorBuddy List Button Change Fully Resolved5
    222ModerateBanners Are Not Rotating Unresolved0
    81Majorbanned user able to post comment Fully Resolved5
    53MinorBan Feature for Projects Fully Resolved8
    4MinorAutomated Messages from "Anonymous" Fully Resolved0
    7MinorAutocompleting "To" box for Messages Fully Resolved0
    6ModerateAnnouncements count against your message quota Fully Resolved0
    170MinorAllow ODS format uploads Fully Resolved25
    87MinorAdding to Documents when a member of a project Fully Resolved2
    206MinorAdding folders to the download section of projects Unresolved2
    39ModerateADD NEW button for downloads page not working Fully Resolved1
    160MinorAdd more detail to "access denied" Unresolved4
    108MinorAdblock Plus plugin for Firefox adblocking certain images Fully Resolved3
    94MinorAbility to "one-click" on a buttom when in a Project Document Fully Resolved18
    47MinorA Better Way to Rename or Organize Documents Fully Resolved2
    161Minor"What's New" Color Change Fully Resolved22
    5Minor"Select All" for inboxes Fully Resolved0
    19Minor"Quote" option not always found Fully Resolved0
    151Minor"Mark All Read" on What's New page sending to Home. Unresolved7
    213Moderate"Ignore User" and "Current Mood" and "+1 Button" Unresolved11
    209Minor"Back to topics" link takes me to the Polls Unresolved0
    80Minor" " Keep Being Replaced Will not fix12