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    89MinorSuppress Links in Printer-friendly Version Fully Resolved4
    92MinorCut Choose Member and Add Auto-Announce New Project Fully Resolved6
    93Moderateproject - uploading file with same name does not update front page Fully Resolved4
    94MinorAbility to "one-click" on a buttom when in a Project Document Fully Resolved18
    95MinorQuick Comment box added to Issue Fully Resolved5
    96MinorProject Page and Section Transfers Fully Resolved5
    98MinorRevision Notes Like Wikis Fully Resolved7
    99ModerateTurned Off PM Still Receiving Announcements, But Can't Access Them Fully Resolved2
    100MinorPoll Missing Comments Fully Resolved1
    101MinorGray Lines Above Tables Are Back Fully Resolved2
    103MinorCompressed Paragraph Marks Fully Resolved2
    105Minorcomment runs off the page on node/1218 Fully Resolved18
    107MajorPM Inbox Full Message Fully Resolved4
    108MinorAdblock Plus plugin for Firefox adblocking certain images Fully Resolved3
    109MinorRTF spell checker Fully Resolved1
    110MinorIE 7 stack overflow Fully Resolved3
    111Minornot suppling a Subject in a Forum erases text in RTF edit Fully Resolved3
    112MinorPlease Move Project Membership Button Fully Resolved11
    113MinorMember listed twice in project front page Fully Resolved7
    114MajorJavascript error preventing chat from opening in Fx Fully Resolved33
    115MinorNew Issue button should be up top Fully Resolved1
    116MinorCan't join unmanaged project Fully Resolved5
    117Minorwhen previewing a post, content is removed from editor window Fully Resolved1
    118ModeratePost Forwarding Fully Resolved4
    119Minor[feature request] PM post to User Fully Resolved13
    120Minorquotes remove URL linking Fully Resolved2
    123MinorProject Managers: Sticky Forum Topics Fully Resolved3
    129MinorImprove Signatures Fully Resolved4
    131MinorEmbeded document showing div < < > > Fully Resolved0
    132MinorMake Feedback Page Completely Public Fully Resolved4