Clarion-class Strike Cruiser


Clarion-class Strike Cruiser


In f.y. 69, the Frontier Security Council placed a bid for a cruiser-class starship with more speed and firepower than the current Hargut-class vessels, to serve as flagships for the soon-to-be formed Joint Reaction Forces, PGC and Interstellar Industries submitting the winning Clarion-class design, the first three of which were built just at the outbreak of the Second Sathar War.


The design sacrifices armor and missile battery armament in favor of additional laser and torpedo weaponry and a vastly improved acceleration rating and maneuverability, the Clarion itself proving its combat effectiveness during the Battle of the White Light Nebula, when it singlehandedly destroyed three Sathar heavy cruisers and crippled an assault carrier.


Upon the development of the pion engine system in f.y. 72, the Clarion, along with her sister ships, the Hargut, the Gran Quivera and the Tereldrom, underwent refitting, their four PGC Eureka engines being exchanged for a pair of Interstellar Industries/Mhneme Confederated Shipwrights size C Pulsar pion engines, the refit serving the Clarion particularlly well during the Battle of the Blockade a year later, where, in spite of being badly damaged, the cruiser proved instrumental in the destruction or dispersal of an enemy reinforcement fleet bound for Kdikit.




HS: 12 HP:56 Powerplant: 2 II/MCS Pulsar Pion “C” engines

ADF: 5 MR:4 DCR: 100 Crew: 70

Armament: HLC(x2), TT(x10), HLB(x2),PB, EB

Defenses: RH, ABM(x8), ICM(x8), MS

Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Videocom, Radar, Energy Sensor, Intercom, WNB

Miscelleanous Equipment: Cargo Arm

Cargo Capacity: 5.0

Crew Accomodations: 12 single cabins, 29 double cabins

Passenger Accomodations: n/a

Ship’s Vehicles: Escape pod(x20), 5 large launches, 4 workpods, (Clarion and Hargut only): Six Boomerang starfighters.


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