#SeverityIssuesort iconStatusComments
    26ModerateImprovement Request: privacy settings Fully Resolved0
    70MinorIn-Chat Indicator Fully Resolved10
    29MinorInterface annoyances: pager location, disabling RTF editor Duplicate1
    33ModerateInterface Improvement: back to top of page Fully Resolved5
    25MinorInterface Improvement: nav buttons on top and bottom Fully Resolved0
    175MinorInvite Ping for Chat Fully Resolved12
    76MinorIssue queue for each project Fully Resolved6
    114MajorJavascript error preventing chat from opening in Fx Fully Resolved33
    66MajorLag Time and Script Error in Outline Utility Fully Resolved2
    204MajorLink Character Sheets to main navigation Fully Resolved3
    190MinorLink on 'What's New' page should take you to the new content Unresolved17
    91MinorLink Window Script Error Need More Info10
    106MinorLinking threads to documents Unresolved1
    62ModerateLinks Page - Banner Resize Fully Resolved4
    194MinorLinks within posts should open new explorer windows Fully Resolved4
    18ModerateLogin Security Fully Resolved0
    132MinorMake Feedback Page Completely Public Fully Resolved4
    51MinorMass Document Rename Fully Resolved3
    113MinorMember listed twice in project front page Fully Resolved7
    216MinorMenus All Bunched Up Unresolved6
    187MajorMerge Project Forums Unresolved11
    122MinorMoving Documents to New Projects Unresolved4
    192ModerateNew Games Notification Will not fix2
    115MinorNew Issue button should be up top Fully Resolved1
    38MinorNew Messages indicator Fully Resolved5
    168MinorNew posts not showing up in 'What's New' Fully Resolved3
    111Minornot suppling a Subject in a Forum erases text in RTF edit Fully Resolved3
    140MinorNumber of Downloads Fully Resolved3
    34ModerateNumbered Lists Fully Resolved4
    200MinorPage reload after post should take you to the new post Unresolved3