#sort iconSeverityIssueStatusComments
    156MinorEnhancement: Ability to mark selected threads as 'read' Unresolved5
    155MinorEnhancement: left nav indicates if 'new' activity in "What's New" or "My Activity" Unresolved11
    154MinorEnhancement: Ability to link directly to the last page of a topic/thread Need More Info41
    153MinorSavable PM's Unresolved5
    152MinorTabs Needed in Project Posting Window Unresolved0
    151Minor"Mark All Read" on What's New page sending to Home. Unresolved7
    150MinorQuickLinks Button Change Fully Resolved1
    147MinorFeature Request: Make "What's New" more prominent and graphical. Fully Resolved5
    146MinorFeature request - Print location when in General Forums Fully Resolved5
    145MinorSearch Box in Support Forums Fully Resolved4
    144MinorFeature request - Quick PM - add link in PM Partially Resolved6
    143MinorFeature request - add link in PM's for project announcements Fully Resolved7
    142MinorErrors at top of front page. Fully Resolved5
    141MinorFeature request - add usertag Fully Resolved1
    140MinorNumber of Downloads Fully Resolved3
    138MinorQuickLinks Manager Needs Buttons Fully Resolved0
    136MinorThread Locking Fully Resolved4
    135MinorSticky Icon? Fully Resolved4
    134MinorSticky/Unsticky Options Fully Resolved6
    132MinorMake Feedback Page Completely Public Fully Resolved4
    131MinorEmbeded document showing div < < > > Fully Resolved0
    130MajorQuotes Acting Wierd Unresolved11
    129MinorImprove Signatures Fully Resolved4
    128Moderatebutton/tab that lead to the character sheet generation page. Unresolved3
    126MinorFeature request - loose navigation tabs in Support and Download sections of a project Unresolved3
    125MinorDocuments - when editing a document, remove the nav block Will not fix5
    123MinorProject Managers: Sticky Forum Topics Fully Resolved3
    122MinorMoving Documents to New Projects Unresolved4
    121MinorEasy way to reference comments Unresolved1
    120Minorquotes remove URL linking Fully Resolved2