SI/M-250 Merchant Courier

(pf:100 system ship) 

HS:3 HP:15 Powerplant: 2 Chemical A
ADF:1 MR:4 DCR:24 Crew: up to 6
Armament: optional LT (in lieu of upper hold)
Defenses: optional RH
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar, Intercom
Misc: Streamlined, Mk:X3 fuel increase


Alarm (2)
Analysis (2)
Astrogation (2)
Commerce (1)
Computer Lockout (3)
Computer Security (3)
Damage Control (2)
Drive, Chemical A (1)
Information Storage (1) 
Life Support, cap:6 (1) 
Maintenance (2)

Cargo Capacity: 1.5 (1 main hold + 0.5 forward hold), optional 0.25 upper hold in lieu of turret
Crew Accomodations: 1 dbl suite, 1 two-bunk cabin
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: varies
Fuel Tankage: 72u S-Ox (plus two 12u ExTanks)
Max Speed: 18 (+6)

Streele, Incorporated reverse engineered the classic PGC Courier to create a more trade oriented variant which has been dubbed as a Merchant Courier. While much of the donor ship's DNA has been preserved, everything forward of the engineering & vehicle bays has been revamped. With the base disc shape taking over the former wedge, additional space was permitted for a larger ventral hold. Cutting the point off the nose and splitting it into a pair of "mandibles" mandated moving the helm from center to port side, and said additional disc space opened up some additonal acreage for a secondary hold. While the fore to stern equipment attic was lost, the additional upper deck saucer space allowed for the ease of installation for a turret weapon and fire control, although some owners who trust in the protection offered by the Mining Guild sacraficed this in lieu of additional cargo stowage.


The Main Deck commences with a cargo loading dock located starboard, complete with boarding ramp and bay doors. A second set of bay doors leads to the forward hold and access to the starboard electronics/avionics. A hatch fromthe loading dock leads inward to a semi-circular accessway that circles around to a forward communication/sensor array, mainframe computer, and the crew cabin. Access to the port avionics/electronics is near the mainframe. The semi-circular accessway continues around to the portside with access to the bridge and captain's suite, occassionally spotted with other maintenance hatches. The semi-circular accessway terminates at the crew lounge, sporting a galley, fresher/shower room, and a storage room. A ladderwell centered in the lounge leads up to the gunnery position and down to the main hold. A hatch in the stern bulkhead leads to engineering (port), the engine room (stern), and vehicle bay (starboard, open ground transport depicted).

The Lower Deck is comprised mostly of the mainhold and has maintenance access to the landing gear and a hatch leading to the life support equipment (including a water tank and purification plant).

The Upper Deck is a low cieling chamber with controls to the ship's laser turret and a small attic.