Screenshots of the developing UI.

Screenshot 1: The main windows with all controls collapsed. This is full screen with all Windows artifacts hidden (including the start bar). The user will have the ability to minimize to the task bar and restore to the full-screen view.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2: The same windows with the ship controls shown. Users will be able to select their ships from the icon list shown at the bottom. In this shot the Sathar Frigate SAV Stinger is selected.

Screenshot 2

When a ship is selected the statistics for that ship will be shown. The first column shows hull points, ADF, and MR. The second shows available weapons. I'm working out targeting, but the idea is the user can check off the weapons he wishes to fire upon a target and commit them all at one time.

The third column shows defenses. Those checked are active. As you can see, Reflective Hull is always active.

Finally comes the movement controls. They are, starting from the left and moving clockwise, turn port, move forward, turn starboard, and enter/leave orbit.

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