Book 1 - The Core Four & the Founding of the Frontier

410 PF -129 PF


> First Vrusk/Dralasite Contact: 410 PF 
> A Vruskan exploration vessel discovers a vintage chemical driven transport filled with frozen storage berths containing hundreds of humans in what will later become dubbed as
 the Theseus system, this first contact occurs in 350PF. Humans colonize planet Minotaur immediately.
> Having reverse engineering & developing ion drives, humans discover the White Light system in 346PF Leotus Valentine is elected as ruler of planet Gollywog, and a century passes under Leotine rule before the citizens rename the planet "Clarion"...however the name Gollywog remains throughout the Frontier sector as an insult to the swampy back water world and many navigators continue to refer to it as such.
> Fromeltar founded by Dralasites: 302 PF
Dralasites, Vrusks, & Humans meet for the first time in the Cassidine system in 300PF, planet Triad is established as the first colony for all three races that same year. The "Cassidine Development Company" (CaDCo) is founded and becomes the first multi-species business venture. CADCO eventually grows into a megacorporation two centuries later and changes their name to Cassidine Development Corporation.
> The "Frontier" is founded, Yazirians enter the Frontier: 270 PF
> Gran Quivera discovered: 260 PF
> Pirates are encountered in various sectors thus uniting all four against a common threat: 256 PF - 248 PF
> Pan Galactic Conglomerates founded: 230 PF
> Dixon's Star discovered by Humans: 220 PF
> Madderly's Star discovered by joint venture of Vrusks & Humans in 210 PF. Having discovered the vrusk knew of the existence of both humans and dralasites for 50 years and not sharing that info with the other two races, the humans created the Freeworld Rebellion five years later which results in defeating the vrusk and establishing Kdikit as a human world.
> Pale discovered in Truane's Star in 200 PF, New Pale is discovered in the following year. Streele; Inc. is founded in 96 PF
> Dramune is discovered by Dralasites in 170 PF, Inner & Outer Reach are settled afterwards.
> Athor is discovered by the Yazirians in 168 PF
> K'tsa-Kar discovered by the Vrusks: 161 PF
> K'aken-Kar discovered by the Vrusks: 156 PF
> Gruna Garu discovered by Yazirians: 155 PF
> Timeon is discovered by Humans in 152 PF
> Pan Galactic Conglomerates establishes a universal language for all four races in 150 PF
> Kizk-Kar is discovered by Vrusks in 146 PF
> Araks is discovered by Yazirians in 129 PF


Specified & unspecified dates via AD/KH canon resources

? PF: Near the center of a great spiral galaxy, where stars are much closer together than Earth's sun and its neighbors, a Human race developed. They were not identical to the Humans of Earth, but they were not very different, either.


? PF: Vrusk had developed limited space travel decades before Human contact.


? PF: One of the Vrusks' mining colonies had already contacted another race, the shape changing Dralasites. The two races had been exchanging information for several years.



? PF: When these Humans discovered that waves of subspace pi-tachyon particles could cross interstellar space faster than light, they realized they had found a link to the star. A radio message that would have taken years to travel between stars could be sent with subspace communicators in months or even weeks. The Humans started broadcasting news of themselves to the neighboring stars, and found they were not alone. 


? PF The Humans made contact with an inventive race of insect like creatures called Vrusk.


? PF: The Vrusk and Dralasites were pleased to learn of another race. They sent a wealth of scientific information to the Humans.


? PF: Using this new knowledge, the industrious Humans quickly developed interstellar spaceships. 


 ? PF: The three races met in a large area of space known as the Frontier.

302 PF Dramune is colonizied by Dralasites, whose race expanded from Fromeltar.

? PF: There they also discovered the Yazirians, a race of tall, maned humanoids.


? PF: Soon, settled worlds in the Frontier became melting pots for the four race, with dazzling mixtures of architecture and alien cultures. 


? PF: To supply the needs of these worlds, the first interstellar company, the Pan-Galactic Corporation, was formed. It developed interests everywhere, from scientific research to farming to spaceship building.


? PF: PGC even created its own language, Pan-Galactic, which soon became the most common language of all races on the Frontier worlds.

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