Book 4 - The 2nd Common Muster Wants YOU!!!

3 PF - 2 PF

A mysterious alien race has entered the Frontier, and they do not bring good tidings! All attempts at hailing them via subspace radio have ended in either radio silence or laser blasts. Who is this vicious new threat to to the developing Frontier? What do they want? When will they be satisfied? Where do they come from? Why can't peaceful negotiation begin? How can they be stopped? 

This historic setting takes place just prior to the formation of the UPF, when the Second Common Muster rises up to defend the Frontier against a lethal unknown enemy. While most historic accounts merely summarize the war in space, you don't know your history!

Truane's Star: Be there on Pale when the mysterious fleet first appears and ransacks the entire system. Join the exodus to Dixon's Star, fight the aliens on the ground, in the air, on world or offworld. Ferry refugees out of the system to safety. Break the invader's blockade of the planet to transport much needed supplies.

Cassidine: Be there on Triad as the newly united citizens elect Admiral Morgaine to lead them into battle against this lethal foe. Join the 2nd Common Muster fleet as they prepare to strike the Frontier's first offensive measure against this new threat. Command a warship or a supply ship, join the war effort as these xenomorphs continue to spread like locusts across the Frontier.

Dixon's Star: Be there when the aliens return to wreak more havoc against the former citizens of Pale. Rescue refugees and transport them to Prenglar or Cassidine. Fend the nasties off as civilians on the ground make it to their escape shuttles.

Prenglar: Be there on Gran Quivera for the grand finale of the mighty war in space that will soon become known as the Sathar War (and later on as the First Sathar War).

The rest of the Frontier: Be there to transport troops and equipment from other worlds to where they are needed. Ward off inbound alien scout ships performing recon missions, attack small detachments of warships as they test the mettle of other worlds beyond the main battle, discover their agents working covertly on the ground relaying vital information to the enemy.

War: it's not just a job, it's an adventure!