Privateer Captain in Need of a Crew

Captain John Knightrazor (formerly Robert "Razor" Kitridger) has just commissioned a brand new light system transport design from Streele, Incorporated's para-military division.

The SS Aquilian Starling is a light freighter purpose built system ship intended to serve as a licensed privateer under Pale's government, intended to wreak some havoc against Pan Galactic Conglomerate and their Mining Guild.

Captain John is a former pirate who served as a fighter jockey under the Lonely Knights faction. He will not discuss this with his potential crew members, at least not right away...there are several reasons he opted for a legal name change with his new career. 

Suffice it to say the new ship is a drastic change in pace. A pair of laser batteries offer a long range 360º punch that he didn't enjoy with the limited shorter range forward weaponry of a fighter. As such a pair of decent gunners will be a vital addition to the crew, and some technical know-how will also be a boon to keep the vessel running properly.

Aquilian Starling

Privateer (pf:100 system ship, owned by Robert Kitridger)

HS:4  HP:24  Powerplant: 3 SC Chemical A  
ADF:4  MR:4  DCR:25  Crew: 3-8
Armament: LB(x2)
Defenses: RH
Comm/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom, WNB
Misc Equipment: Streamlined, Light Armor, Back-up LS unit, Mk-X5 fuel tankage

COMPUTER   ( LVL:6  fp:237  Mass/SP:1000kg/600 )

Alarm (3) 8
Analysis (3) 8
Astrogation (2) 8
Bureaucracy (3) 12
Commerce (1) 4
Communication (1) 4
Computer Lockout (5) 32
Computer Security (4) 24
Damage Control (3) 12
Drive - Chem A (1) 4
Industry (1) 4
Information Storage (1) 3
Installation Security (5) 64
Laser Battery x2 (1) 2 x 5
Life Support cap:8, x2 (1) 2 x 2
Maintenance (3) 12
Robot Management (4) 24

Cargo Capacity: 2 (Main:1.25, Forward: 0.25, Aft: 0.5)
Crew Accomodations: 3 bunk cabin, double suite
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: AWD Ground Car, Ground Cycle
Fuel: 180u S-Ox ( +3 x 12u ExTanks)
Max Safe Velocity: 30 (+6)

The MAIN DECK features a two person helm, 6 person bunk barrack, two person suite, all adjacent to the crew lounge/computer which doubles as the forward hold. A ladderwell runs up to the dorsal gun and down to the main hold & ventral gun. A fresher fills the gap behind the bridge accesway and a shower unit flanks the ladderwell. Fore of the crew lounge are the forward "mandibles" featuring most of the avionics, communication, sensors, and electronics. Aft of the crew lounge is the engine room, with RCS thruster banks, generator & power relay station, life support equipment (including water tank and purification plant) and work stations. Starboard of the lounge is the cargo loading dock and boarding ramp, along with a defensive anti-personnel gun. The aft hold is adjacent to the loading dock.

The LOWER DECK is comprised of the main hold w/loading ramp and access to the landing gear. To port is a computer maintenance shaft that connects the main computer to the helm. Below the Main Hold is the ventral gun position.
A cross sectionof the ladderwell details the deck arrangement. Note the gunnery positions boast lower cielings, minimizing aerodynamic drag and producing only mild comfort issues when not seated at the command chair.