Wicked Wench deck 4: Engineering Deck

1> Central Elevator: the central elevator accesses all decks. It will take d10-3 turns to call the elevator (zero or less means the car is already on that deck), depending on what deck it was on last. Command officers (captain, pilots, engineers, astrogators, and gunnery officers) can halve that time by overriding the elevator with their ID (command officers have priority so the elevator won't stop at other decks while called upon).

  2> Engineer's Station: ***COMPUTER ACCESS*** Panel and controls for monitoring the engines. Approximately half of the engine overhaul routine is spent at this station, with the other half in the engine room. Position can be eliminated for a smaller crew, with monitoring performed at the engineer station on the bridge.

  3> Freight Handler Station: ***COMPUTER ACCESS*** Any technician w/LVL:3 Operate Machinery or higher can use this equipment to load or unload the cargo hold via the cargo arm, as well as opening or closing the bay doors. 

  4> Tool Room: a> Lase b> Drill Press c> Foundry d> tool cabinets

  5> Life Support: regulates oxygen, air temperature, and food/water supply with a six month capacity for up to 20 persons, including the two 1st class occupants. Restocking the six month supply costs 750Cr.

  6> Robot Closet

  7> Storage Area: used for various small parts for the ship along with larger personal items, including spacesuits, armor, and rocketpacks and a LPT.

  8> Workpod Bins: a pair of workpods is accsible via their respective airlocks.

  9> Back-up Life Support: same as the main LS unit, with a second six month supply.

10> Power Relay Station: this unit transforms the energy from the atomic drives to electricity to run the various starship components via the generator located next to it. A large parabattery (equivillent to 10 type-4 parabatteries) can be used in emergency topower the primary systems in the event of engine failure or shut-down for up to 80 hours. This battery recharges once the drives are activated again, acquiring a full charge soon afterwards.

11> Generator