Who or what are the Gorlians? Discussion here: http://www.starfrontiers.us/node/8309 Please comment

A Yazirian Clan (SFman #8)
17% (1 vote)
A playable race (SFman #8)
17% (1 vote)
A cadre of thugs ala Zebulon's Guide cadres
17% (1 vote)
A miss translation of Garu (Guna Garu) resulting in a cultural stereotype refering to things from Guna Garu: Gorlian thug or...
50% (3 votes)
A bio-engineered combat version of the Sape humanoid (Bugs in the System) fresh from a corporate lab.
0% (0 votes)
Other; post your idea in the comments
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6

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